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7-Pot Jonah X Pimenta de Neyda dried hot pepper seasoning Unique Creek Homestead


A superhot with a delicious fruity flavor, the 7JPN pepper is a cross of the 7 Pot Jonah and the Pimenta de Neyde. 7JPN peppers are mostly round and wrinkly, but some pods are more elongated than others. The heat builds up for several minutes and eventually creates a powerful endorphin rush. The pods start off dark purple but eventually ripen to a yellowish orange color. The foliage is green but has spots of dark purple.


Originating from the nation of Trinidad, it is one of the world's hottest peppers and also a landrace variety of Trinidad. '7 Pot' refers to one pod being hot enough to flavor seven pots of stew. Multiple strains of the 7 Pot have surfaced over recent years.


0.35 oz bags measure 2-3/4" x 4-1/2" It takes about 2-dozen peppers to make one dried bag (black bags in photos)


0.50 oz bags measure 3-1/4" x 5"  It takes about 3-dozen peppers to make one dried bag  (silver foil bags in photos)


1 oz bags measure 4" x 6" It takes about 5-6 dozen peppers to make one dried bag of 1-oz! (Brown bags in photos)


Glass Bottle With Shaker Lid (1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 4-1/8th" high) bottle empty weight is 3.5oz / full weight is 5.25oz so they hold about 1.75 oz of dried seasoning (it takes around 3-dozen peppers to make 0.50oz so well over 100+ dried peppers to fill one of these glass bottles!)


Scott & Melissa
Unique Primtiques Custom Woodworking
Unique Creek Homestead


7-Pot Pimenta de Neyda Super HOT Pepper Seasoning


    Peppers are naturally sun-dried, dried in dehydrators and in ovens. 

    See other seasoning listings for more varieties or larger quanties in glass jars with shaker lids!