2-Oz dropper bottle size

A few drops of this chili oil will go along way! Ingredients are Canola oil & Carolina Reaper super-hot peppers! Slow-roast infusion, pure unfiltered with pepper pieces and seeds left in each bottle! (some bottles may or may not have seeds but all will have Carolina Reaper pepper pieces).

WHAT IS CHILI OIL USED FOR: The great thing about chili oil is its versatility: You can cook your food in it at the beginning of a recipe, use it at the end as a finishing sauce, or serve it as a condiment or dipping sauce on the table. Really, use it anywhere you need to spice things up—it'll do a lot more for your food than plain old hot sauce

Drizzle it over tomatoes. Chile oil takes the place of olive oil in this fiery take on a classic salad. ...use as a rub or marinade..... pour it on noodles. ...Spice up meats... Drizzle it on your pizza... Add a few drops to your sandwiches for a nice hot kick! Add a few drops to your Tortilla chips.... Spoon it over fried eggs.... Toss it with cucumbers.... Add it to pasta.... Add it to salad dressing.... Or on slaw.... Pair it with bacon.... many, many wonderful uses for chili oils!


ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Hot peppers harvested from our Unique Creek Homestead gardens on September 1st 2021 and we are currently harvesting fresh pods daily from multiply pepper plants! Chili oil batch made Sept 4th, 2021 and is cold-stored until ready to ship. Shelf-life estimated at 6-month range, should be kept in fridge for longer life.


CAROLINA REAPER Chili OIL 2 Oz Dropper Bottle Hot Organically Grown Unique Creek

  • ABOUT CAROLINA REAPER PEPPERS: The Carolina Reaper is a cultivar of the Capsicum Chinense plant. Developed by South Carolina breeder Ed Currie, the pepper is red and gnarled, with a bumpy texture and small pointed tail. The Carolina Reaper comes from the Capsicum Chinense species of chili pepper and gets in the Guinness Book of Records at 1.5 million Scovilles - the measurement scale of how spicy a chili gets. The Carolina Reaper has a sweet and fruity flavor