LIVE PLANT/TREE SEEDLING TYPE: Christmas Ferns will be 6"-12" size range

Polystichum acrostichoides, commonly denominated Christmas fern, is a perennial, evergreen fern native to eastern North America, from Nova Scotia west to Minnesota and south to Florida and eastern Texas

Christmas fern is an evergreen plant that can reach 2 feet in height. It grows in large colonies or more commonly, in groups of two to three individual plants. Stem of Christmas fern is short, scaly, woody at the base and green on the top. Christmas fern develops around 20 leaves better known as fronds.

How do you take care of a Christmas fern?
Place your fern in a hanging basket or fern stand for best results. When considering Christmas fern indoor care, keep the soil evenly moist but not over saturated and mist plants once a week to increase humidity. Remove brown or damaged leaves at any time and use an appropriate granular fertilizer.
How to plant ferns outdoors

A bed of ferns adds greenery to shaded garden beds, supplying an attractive ground cover in areas where few other plants thrive. All ferns feature leafy fronds and propagate from spores, but they don't all have the same growing requirements. Although most require similar planting methods and locations, cold and heat tolerance varies. Some fern varieties thrive in most climates, such as log ferns (Dryopteris celsa), which grow well in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9, while others are better suited to tropical regions or colder climates.
1) Spread 4 inches of compost, pine bark or leaf mold over a well-drained bed in a shaded or mostly shaded area. Mix the compost in with the top 10 inches of soil with a spade or hoe.
2)Dig a planting hole to the same depth as the fern's root ball and two times as wide. Space multiple plants at the distance recommended on the label for the specific variety, which is usually at least 24 inches in all directions.
3)Lift the fern out of the nursery pot, taking care not to damage the root ball. Set the roots in the prepared hole, and adjust the depth until the fern is planted at the same depth it was at previously. Fill the hole in with soil around the roots and water thoroughly.
4)Cover the soil with a 2-inch layer of organic mulch, such as leaf mold, pine straw or shredded pine bark. Mulch keeps back weeds, retains moisture and keeps the soil cool for the ferns.
5)Water newly planted ferns once or twice weekly, providing about 1 inch of water each time. Keep the top 6 inches of soil moist but not soggy.

Medicinal use of Christmas Fern:

A tea made from the root is blood purifier, emetic and febrifuge. It is used in the treatment of chills, fevers, pneumonia, stomach or bowel complaints and rheumatism. A poultice of the root is used in the treatment of rheumatism.

What are the benefits of ferns?

With its mass of lush green foliage, the Boston Fern is thought to be one of the best air purifying houseplants. This evergreen plant not only helps to rid the home of harmful toxins it improves humidity by helping to restore moisture to the air naturally too.


TAKING CARE OF YOUR NEW PLANT: Upon receipt, immediately soak ROOTS ONLY in water for 2-3 hours then plant in your ideal location. Make sure to water daily, or as needed, if leaves look wilted and/or until it is established in it's new environment. Sometimes it is best to place in a 6"-8" pot of quality soil and let the root system get adjusted and strengthen, then transplant the hole pot of soil to your permanent location. Plants can get easily stressed when being relocated/shipped.

Christmas Ferns Live Plant Organic Naturally Grown

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