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Welcome To Unique Primtiques Custom Woodworking

Our woodworking business is located on our Unique Creek Homestead, a Certified National Wildlife Sanctuary & Certified Indiana Wildlife Sanctuary located in southern Indiana, where we grow our own organic foods, gourmet mushrooms, exotic gourmet organic peppers, organic seeds, organically grown flowers, 100% pure organic Unique Creek Maple Syrup and more!

Your purchase helps us to maintain a beautiful habitat for a WIDE range of wildlife including deer herds, wild turkey, quail, pheasant, fox, opossum, raccoon, fish (bass, crappie, catfish, bluegill, rock bass, sunfish and more), Great Blue Heron, Green Heron, a wide range of song birds, hummingbirds, nesting red-winged black birds, tree swallows, a variety of Owl & Hawk species, box turtles, water turtles/snapping turtles, frogs, Golden & Blue-Tail Skinks and MANY MORE wonderful creatures that visit our homestead day and night! We are officially a LICENSED NURSERY DEALER IN INDIANA.

Beyond The Pines Apothecary by Unique Creek Homestead
Freshly harvested and bagged CINNAMON SWEET BASIL HERBAL TEA straight from our homestead here in southern Indiana!
6-Large tea bags in a food-safe foil zip bag ready for steeping!

Thanks to its cinnamate compound, this basil variety is beneficial against diarrhea, constipation, kidney problems, cough, headache and warts. The cinnamon flavor makes it a favorite in Thai and Italian cuisines.

ATTENTION: Tea bags are NOT completely stuffed full but filled per serving size like a normal tea bag would be filled.


Scott & Melissa
Unique Primtiques Custom Woodworking
Unique Creek Homestead
Beyond The Pines Apothecary

Cinnamon Sweet Basil Herbal Tea Bags Medicinal Cough Headaches Kidney

  • Sorry we do not allow returns on these products because of the nature of the product (food product/liquid products/seeds). Thank you for understanding in advance before making your purchase.