Our premium organically grown & harversted gourmet Chantrelle mushrooms are home grown right here on our Unique Creek Homestead from the forest floor! We harvest them at just the right time for maximum flavoring.


Shipping M-F and should arrive in 1-3 business from shipping date anywhere in the USA via USPS Priority Mail. 


Remember, mushrooms are 92 percent water. When mushrooms are cooked, they release a lot of liquid! Dried mushrooms are 10% or less of their original weight but can be rehydrated quick and easily! Our freshly harvested mushrooms may dry out a little during shipment but can be easily rehydrated! 

FRESHLY HARVESTED Organic Gourmet Chantrelle Mushrooms

  • Chantrelles  (Cantharellus Cibarius) contain protein, vitamin D, and B vitamins including riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine. Minerals include potassium, copper, and selenium.



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