Galinsoga parviflora is an herbaceous plant in the Asteraceae family. It has several common names including guasca, mielcilla, galinsoga, gallant soldier, quickweed, and potato weed.



Galinsoga is extremely effective in treatment of wounds. The juice of galinsoga helps blood to coagulate faster and also acts as an antibiotic agent. Some people claim that usage of galinsoga helps wounds heal faster. Even though galinsoga is considered a weed, it is an extremely useful herb.



The leaves, stem and flowering shoots - raw or cooked and eaten as a potherb, or added to salads,  soups and stews. They can be dried and ground into a powder then used as a flavouring in soups etc.


Flowering from October-April it likes to grow amongst your vegetables and flowers in cultivated land, pasture and waste places in sun and partial shade. It is named after a man called M.M. Galinsoga an 18th Century Spanish physician; parviflora is Latin for small flowers.


It is not that common all over NZ yet but once you have it in the garden it is usually there to stay. It is native to South America and known as Guascas in Colombia, being an essential ingredient in Bogota chicken and potato stew/soup called ajiaco.



Gallant Soldier Herb Galinsoga parviflora Organically Grown

Seed Quantity

    In 100gm of this plant there are 3.2g protein and 1.1g of fiber (compared to spinach which has 2.9g protein and 2.6g of fiber).  It is high in calcium: 284mg per 100gm (parsley 140mg), Vitamin A or beta carotene, magnesium, potassium, zinc, B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), and Vitamin C as ascorbic acid.


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