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The jalapeño pepper is a medium-sized chili pepper. A mature jalapeño is the length of 2-3 inches and is typically picked and consumed while still green. Occasionally they are allowed to fully ripen and turn red in color. Capsicum is derived from the Greek word, kapos, “to bite”.


These peppers are cut in half and seeds removed before drying. 


Organically grown, harvested and slow roasted right here on our Unique Creek Homestead! 


Great for hot sauces, chilis, soups, nacho's, tacos, stir frys, chili jams, chili stews, pasta sauce, crushed pepper seasoning and much more! 




Jalapeno Chili Peppers - Gourmet Dried Peppers

  • 0.25 oz is about 6 large dried peppers or 12-halves

    0.50 oz is about 12 large dried peppers or 24-halves