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THIS UNIQUE CREEK HOMESTEAD LISTING IS FOR: Lavender Salve in a pretty little re-useable metal tin with lid. Made with Beeswax, Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin-E Oil and freshly harvested Lavender from our Unique Creek Homestead infused in a rich Almond Oil.  

LAVENDER SALVE BENEFITS & USES:  All Natural Salve is known as an ointment that uses herbs for healing properties. When applied topically, salves soften and can provide a great barrier to help heal and protect the skin. It softens dry skin, nourishes wounds, scrapes, abrasions, burns, and other skin irritations. Using true pure Lavender Essential Oil provides a cleaning and healing aid. Emulsified with extra-soothing 100% pure lavendin (lavender) essential oil, which can help ease irritation and condition skin. May be used on lips, face, cuticles, elbows, knees, chapped or very dry skin patches and cuts and scrapes.

LAVENDER SALVE 1 oz Metal Reuseable Tin Soothing Healing Sleep Skin Care Stress