Persicaria longiseta is a species of flowering plant in the knotweed family known by the common names Oriental lady's thumb, bristly lady's thumb, Asiatic smartweed, long-bristled smartweed, Asiatic waterpepper, bristled knotweed, bunchy knotweed, and tufted knotweed.



Lady's Thumb is a medicinal plant. Native Americans used the leaves in treatments of stomach pains and poison ivy. They also rubbed the plant on their horses as an insect repellant. Lady's Thumb, along with various species of Smartweed are a part of the buckwheat family.



Persicaria maculosa contains persicarin and tannins. The leaves and young shoots may be eaten as a palatable and nutritious leaf vegetable. Lady's thumb contains natural fibers, sugars, fats and tannins. Leaves and stems - raw or cooked. They can also be made into an acid peppery condiment. ... The seed is used as a condiment - a pepper substitute. The sprouted seeds or young seedlings can be used as a garnish or added to salads, they are commonly sold in Japanese markets.



Cover crop but can choke out other plants if not kept under control. 


Seed Size: Very small, black and shiny seed, 5/64 inch (2 mm) long. 

Oriental Ladies Thumb Persicaria longiseta Knotweed Organically Grown

Seed Quantity

    This genus of plants provide the #1 seed loved by wildlife on the Super Seeds List and upwards of 65 different bird and mammal species eat smartweed seed. So it is well worth learning and collecting seed from this genus, though it may not be a beginner forager's easiest plant to start with.

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