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Hylotelephium spectabile is a species of flowering plant in the stonecrop family Crassulaceae, native to China and Korea. Its common names include showy stonecrop, ice plant, and butterfly stonecrop.


Showy Stonecrop Is an Easy Garden Standout. Sedum plants come in a wide variety of heights, colors, and forms. ... The thick leaves of these succulent plants are able to withstand both drought and rainy weather. The flower buds form early and remain attractive well in winter.


Stonecrop is a succulent perennial requiring well-drained or gravelly soil with average to low fertility. While the plant does well in full sun, morning or afternoon shade is desirable as well. This plant is drought tolerant and requires little attention.


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Showy Stonecrop Succulent Hylotelephium spectabile Organically Grown

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    Common stonecrop is an herb. The parts of the plant that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. People take common stonecrop for coughs and high blood pressure. Common stonecrop is sometimes applied directly to the skin for wounds, burns, hemorrhoids, warts, eczema, and mouth ulcers.



    Stonecrop flowers are popular to pollinators including many species of bees such as bumblebees and also many butterflies. The flowers will also attract other pollinators such as beetles and flies.



    Use small pots or flats and sterile starter mix. Pre-moisten the starter mix and sow Sedum ground cover seeds on the surface. Press the seed into the moistened soil, and do not cover it. Keep the seeds moist but not saturated until they germinate.