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Organically grown, harvested and slow roasted right here on our Unique Creek Homestead! 


Great for hot sauces, chilis, soups, nacho's, tacos, stir frys, chili jams, chili stews, pasta sauce, crushed pepper seasoning and much more! 


THIS UNIQUE CREEK HOMESTEAD LISTING includes organically grown and slow-roasted dried gourmet chili peppers! This listing is for WHOLE ORANGE HABANERO peppers including seeds and stems. (some may not have stems, others the stems may fall off during shipment)

Considered to be one of the most common colors of habanero peppers, Orange habaneros range 150,000 to 350,000 SHU on the Scoville scale and are favored for their intense heat and fruity flavor.

How hot is the orange habanero?
The most popular Orange Habanero typically measure between 100,000 SHU and 350,000 SHU, with most falling in the range of 200,000-300,000 SHU. In comparison, the jalapeno pepper ranks in with 2,500 - 8,000 units. Would you like to learn more about the Scoville Scale?

What do you do with orange habaneros?
1-1.5" long, orange colored pepper. Extremely hot, the orange habanero is one of the spiciest peppers in the world. It is often used in making hot sauces. Be very careful when handling the seeds or inner parts of this pepper, the oil can be a serious irritant to the skin and eyes.


Whole ORANGE HABANERO Chili Peppers - Gourmet Dried Peppers

  • 0.25 oz is about 5 whole dried peppers

    0.50 oz is about 10 whole dried peppers 

    1.00 oz is about 20-24 whole dried peppers depending on size



    How healthy are Habaneros?
    “A six-week study showed that capsaicinoids found in habaneros reduced total cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels without reducing levels of good cholesterol,” Friedman says. “So while eating a habanero might make you sweat and increase your heart rate, it may also actually help lower your blood pressure.”

    Because of the combinations of high content of vitamins C and A and capsaicin, this little pepper can prevent cancer in a big way by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells (particularly prostate) and by preventing the negative effects of free radicals.

    ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Harvested from our Unique Creek Homestead gardens on September 24th and slow-roasted for 12-hours before being stored in air-tight, sealed Mason jars. Product bags in some photos are large bags and measure 7" wide x 10" long.


    Scott & Melissa
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