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Coreopsis verticillata is a North American species of tickseed in the sunflower family. It is found primarily in the east-central United States, from Maryland south to Georgia, with isolated populations as far west as Oklahoma and as far north as Québec and Ontario. Zagreb Whorled Tickseed spreads gently by rhizomes and has attractive finely textured bright green foliage. With good resistance to browsing deer, the plant is easy-to-grow and is well adapted across much of the country. Named after the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Coreopsis is also a great rabbit resistant plant.

Whorled Tickseed Coreopsis verticillata Sunflower Organic Naturally Grown


  • Zones 3 - 9
    Advantages: Easy To Grow, Attract Butterflies, Deer Resistant, Rabbit Resistant, Native, Good For Cut Flowers, Good For Containers,
    Light Requirements: Full Sun
    Mature Height
    12-18" tall
    Mature Spread
    18-24" wide
    Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer
    Soil Type: Sandy Soil, Clay Soil, Average Soil

    It is easy to learn how to care for coreopsis flowers, commonly called tickseed or pot of gold. When you've learned how to grow coreopsis, you'll appreciate their sunny blooms throughout the gardening season. Coreopsis flowers may be annual or perennial and come in a variety of heights

    Many, although not all, coreopsis varieties can be grown from seed, either started indoors six to eight weeks before your last expected frost or direct seeded outdoors after last frost. Many will seed themselves; however, the hybrid varieties do not grow true to seed

    Tickseed propagation
    Divide tickseed plants every three to four years. Propagate by division in the early spring before new growth begins. To do so, lift the clumps from the ground carefully and shake off lose soil. Use a knife to cut the crown into sections, making sure each section has roots.

    How do you germinate coreopsis seeds?
    Simply seed a prepared area of un-amended soil in spring in a full sun location. Seeds of coreopsis plants need light to germinate, so cover lightly with soil or perlite or simply press seeds into moist soil. Keep the seeds of coreopsis plants watered until germination, usually within 21 days.

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