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Welcome to our Unique Creek Homestead website! My wife and I own Unique Primtiques Custom Woodworking. 

              Our homestead is a "Certified Wildlife Habitat" with the National Wildlife Federation and Indiana Wildlife Federation. We run our full-time woodworking business out in a remote location in southern Indiana on our beautiful wooded 15-acre property with a large 3-acre lake. We tend to two large gardens, a small greenhouse and a larger greenhouse in the works, along with our "sugar bush" and dozens of wild berry plants, flowers and trees on our property. Our closest neighbor has several bee hives and their friendly little bees help naturally pollinate our garden plants, trees and berry bushes throughout the Spring and Summer, keeping our plants extremely viable, healthy and strong!

            Our listed products are all 100% organically grown from our outdoor gardens, sun room and greenhouses on our little homestead! We have dried organic gourmet mushrooms growing from outdoor mushroom logs and plots in our damp, shady mushroom farming area in the woods and a wide range of exotic dried gourmet hot peppers perfect for soups, chili's, salads, salsa's, adding flavoring to your favorite dishes and more! They can be re-hydrated quickly and easily.

          We also collect sap from our sugar bush during the cold winter months and begin the long boiling and multi-filtering process of making our delicious pure organic maple syrup in a wide variety of flavors. We process our syrup in our sugar shack and refine and bottle it up in our kitchen. Our organic seeds are collected and saved from our top producing, most viable plants throughout the season, photos of some of our top producing plants posted here soon! 

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