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The fruit grow up to 10cms in length and are a bit twisty in shape. Ripening to a bright red they taste great and are sweet and crunchy with a very mild level of heat. “For many decades work has been going on by the Chinese who have been sending seeds into orbit on satellites exposing them to zero gravity.


In 1987 Jiang Xingcun, a scientist with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, discovered that sending vegetable seeds including chilli seeds into space exposing them to zero gravity increased the mutation rates by hundreds of times. This method resulted in increased size of the chillies and improved yield. The reason for the space programs were to find a solution on how to feed China’s  growing population. Since that time, China has sent more than 400 plant seed species to space.


Hangjiao 7 Super Nova is another awesome chilli variety, that has spend time in zero gravity. It grows to about 50-60 cm in a pot. The chillies are huge, up to 20 cm long and 1-1.5 cm wide. Some are straight, but most of them are twisted. Like the other space chillies it is very prolific.

HJ7 Super Nova Space Chili SUPER HOT Pepper Organic Seeds