ABOUT THE PROCESS: We currently have 50-Maple trees tapped on our 15-acre wooded homestead. It takes 40-gallons of sap water to create ONE gallon of pure maple syrup. Once collected from the trees, the sap water is brought up to our sugar shack, double-filtered before pouring into evaporating pans, then boiled down over a wood burning fire for 8-10 hours. We boil away about 70% of the sap water over the wood burning fire then take the concentrate into our home kitchen for the next step in the process. 

                                          Once inside, we again, double-filter the steaming hot concentrate into stove-top pans where it is boiled down for several more hours until it is ready for the final step in the process. We then pour it through a 5th filter fitted inside a metal funnel, boiling hot & straight into the bottle! The cap is placed on the bottle and then immediately laid on its side for several seconds so that the syrup can form a natural seal around the top. The bottle is also wax-dipped and sealed again (double-sealed) and stamped on top with a decorative stamp! As you can see, it takes many hours to make just one small bottle of maple syrup. The major name-brand syrups you buy from the grocery store are NOT maple syrup, they are corn syrup with additives and maple-flavoring and are a thicker syrup. TRUE maple syrup is much thinner and full of sweet, natural flavor! NOTHING is added to our maple syrup, it is 100% pure! 


ATTENTION: PLEASE REALIZE this is a THIN syrup, not your thick, store-bought stuff. It has been processed down from a 40:1 ratio of sap water to this finished product. 

Pure Organic Maple Syrup

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  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: Glass bottle filled with delicious, sweet golden maple syrup! A cute little bottle that looks great on the breakfast table! An 8-oz sized bottle measures 6-3/4" h x 3-1/2" wide x 1-1/2" thick. (see drop down menu options for bottle sizes/quantities included)